Caterers & Hotels

Maas Trading, a wholesale supplier and more

You expect a great deal from your suppliers. Speed of delivery. Reliability. And efficiency. These are precisely the qualities that have made Maas Trading into a wholesale supplier of stature. Literally and figuratively. We offer a world of possibilities to catering organisations and hotels like yours.


For hospitality organisations, the stakes are high. There is minimal scope for leaving aspects to chance. You therefore expect suppliers to possess insight in your market. At Maas Trading, we view supplying to catering organisations as one of our main specialisms. And we act accordingly. We offer an assortment that literally knows no bounds. From fresh to packed. From meat to citrus fruits. And from vegetables to cleaning products. Thanks to our excellent contacts with suppliers worldwide, we can ensure the supply of almost any product. You select the quality you wish and the quantity you require.

One stop shopping

Consequently, working with Maas Trading really does mean 'one stop shopping'. No matter what your needs are, we are here to fulfil them. Our aim is take care of your procurement policy. So that you are free to concentrate on what you do best, allowing us to do what we do best: shrewd, reliable and fast purchasing.

Eye for a bargain

Your sector is faced within minimal margins. Ours is no different. That's why we continuously optimise our purchasing conditions; always on the look-out for ways of getting a bargain, while maintaining quality. Via Maas Trading, you are in contact with the most extensive - worldwide - network of suppliers that you could hope for. This means that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we know where the best prices are.