Maas Trading, a wholesale supplier and more

A complete offshore supplier

Working offshore is extremely demanding. At the very least, you want to make sure that your offshore personnel get optimal service during their work. That’s why the supply of food, drink and other articles is so important. Maas Trading has built up an excellent reputation as a provisioner of offshore islands, sea vessels, drilling platforms and remote sites. Thanks to our multitude of contacts, we are able to supply a complete assortment. Reliably and fast.

A complete assortment

What do your people need at work? Maas Trading can supply it. We either already have the right contacts, or we establish them. For the most common foodstuffs and beverages, we can depend on a reliable network of our own suppliers. For 'specialties', we have connections worldwide. The scope of our services makes Maas Trading unique.

Count on Maas Trading

Maas Trading is based in Rotterdam, from where we serve offshore islands worldwide. For sites that can be reached from the Netherlands, we make use of supply boats stationed at the ports of Den Helder and IJmuiden. Goods are delivered in handy, compact containers – which can be used straightaway as kitchen storage – or on pallets. Goods are also delivered in any quantity that you require. We know what’s important in your market - we offer you the convenience and support of an all-round service provider.